Color services available helping with coat color, what you need to test for, etc. $25 on up. PM me for details.

If you need help finding your perfect horse and we don’t have what you want, we offer a service to help you find your perfect horse. Karen has been in horses all her life and has been a horse show judge for over 25 years. She also has a degree in horses and has trained horses for many years. With her experience she offers a unique opportunity for you to find your dream horse. For $150 Karen will search for what you are looking for and know what questions need to be asked pertaining to what you are looking for. This includes up to 4 hours in research to help you find your perfect horse. In today’s world if you don’t know much about horses it’s easy to wind up with the wrong horse because you didn’t know the right questions to ask. Let us help you find your dream horse. Email us with questions.