2/11/92 - 10/19/15
Sadly lost in our barn fire.


I have saved this page for last to write because it is very hard to write, and I knew I would break down crying when I wrote it. I bred and raised this horse out of his dam Adrienne Bar Beau that I owned for over 20 years. She was an own daughter of the famous horse - Beau Bonanza, out of Miss Bar Toad. I bought this mare as a 3 year old, and she was not started under saddle and I trained her myself. She was extremely easy to train even though I didn't know a lot about training. Not only was she a quality animal out of World Champions on the top and bottom, but she also had an extremely easy going sweet disposition. Nothing fazed her! That mare proved to be an amazing mare who could win a big halter class of 100 horses and go on to win Western Pleasure, and English Pleasure in the same day. I was also in 4-H and showed this mare at the county fairs, and showed at the 4-H state level placing at the top of my class. This mare went on to win approximately 100 highpoints throughout her show career. In addition I could put any child on this mare and send them in the show pen. This horse would listen to the announcer and do what they said - walk, jog, lope, stop, reverse, you name it. The kid just sat there and won the class. This mare is the foundation of my breeding program and I still have prodigy going back to this mare.

Beau was one of a kind. When he was a foal I was constantly checking his temperature because he always acted kind of lethargic like he was sick, but it was always normal. I soon found out that he is just an extremely laid back horse. I trained Beau myself and went on to win 209 points in 12 events. He also earned an ABRA Championship. I retired Beau from the show ring at age 5. After that he was used for breeding and my trail horse. I also rode him in the parades. And he was the hit of the Midwest Horse Fair for 20 years. He was always voted to go into the Liberty class where they wanted a horse that had lots of energy and wasn't afraid to run all the way to the other end of the arena and not be scared of all the people & the clapping, etc. Well this was one time you actually saw him with energy. He would run and throw his head in the air and even do some sliding stops. The more the crowd screamed the more he would show off. He became one of the favorites there. When he was in his stall at the horse fair we would leave the gate open and people could come up & pet him. We even put children on his back. While other stallions in the barn had signs "this horse bites," and "stay back," Beau was eating up the attention. We did things with this horse that were pretty much unheard of for a stallion. For his performance we would have kids ride him and slide down his butt, crawl between his legs, and then between the front and back legs. He stood like a statue and was always so gentle with the children.

Sadly we had a barn fire in October of 2015 and lost our favorite horse. Horse fair will never be the same without him. It's been very hard losing him, but we are happy to say we have 5 of his daughters and are keeping a 2016 black colt from him for a possible stallion prospect. As you will see from all his pictures he was a gentle soul with a heart of gold. Rest in peace my friend. You will always have a special place in a lot of hears here on earth. Until we meet again. ;(

A GREAT BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO BEAU FOR BEING PUBLISHED IN THE BOOK: Horses, by James Kingston, published in 2007 by TAJ Books - Pg. 26. We are proud the author has chosen Beau to represent THE AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE

Thank you to the National Snaffle Bit Futurity for using Beau in your huge banner at the horse fairs, to represent THE AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE.

Thank you for all the e-mails and great compliments on this great stallion

We thank you again all for your support and generous comments.

This would be his last year at the Midwest Horse Fair.
He was 23 years old in these pictures.
His last babies were born in 2016 - truly a gift from above!

4 days before the barn fire all the mares were running around and Beau joined in. I rarely took pictures of Beau anymore because I had so many, but I just happened to have my camera in my truck that day and ran to get it. He was 23 years old in the photo. As you can see, he didn't look a day over 14 - no gray hair, back was hardly swayed, etc.

2015 Midwest Horse Fair

2014 Midwest Horse Fair

Beau in the Liberty class at the 2013 Midwest Horse Fair

2012 Midwest Horse Fair - My son was 2 years old

2011 Midwest Horse Fair - John was 7 months old

Beau at the 2006 Midwest Horse fair with Karen, Lydia, and Brian - and, of course, Gilbert the dog

Beau at the Midwest Horse Fair 2002 - Content and relaxed, even at a busy show.

Jordon crawling thru Beau's hind legs at the Midwest Horse Fair

He will stand still for an hour as we do all kinds of photos very patient!

Beau's babies are WINNING EVERYTHING from Halter to Performance. These athletes offer big hips, pretty heads, and minds to ride - they want to be with you and they want to please: AND....90% of them are BUCKSKINS! We thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to stand such a fine stallion.

After seeing a picture of ONE IMPRESSIVE BEAU, Richard Shrake has said that "Beau is nearly perfect as far as correctness, and is built to be able to do anything!". ~Midwest Horse Fair 2000

Curt Pate has praised the intelligence and athletic ability of several Beau babies at his clinics. He was very impressed with Beau's get. ~Clinics of 2000 and 2001.

Impressive Review (HYPP N/N) X Adrienne Bar Beau AQHA #3089405

Beau--as a baby with his dam, Adrienne Bar Beau

1992 Registered AQHA, ABRA, IBHA Golden Buckskin Stallion
ABRA Champion
APHC and APHA Approved

Finally - a sire that can ride as well as he halters! Since the 1996 passing on of his sire, Impressive Review, and his great grandsire, the well-known living legend Impressive, the Impressive market has been flooded with people wanting to breed to HYPP N/N horses. Beau's book fills fast. Multiple mare and returning customer discounts. One of the first Wisconsin Approvals of the AQHA Breeder's Referral Program.

Points in speed classes and Western Riding. Also does team penning.

Register of Merits: ABRA/IBHA

The Mid-West's most popular "All-Around" Buckskin Stallion!




If you are looking for a willing disposition, then you have found your stallion selection. Beau is not only super intelligent and athletic, he also loves people. Walk out in his pasture with a halter, and he is there. Walk out into a pasture with any of his get, and be prepared to have them "in your face." They love people and love to make you happy. It's wonderful to be able to get on a horse for the first time, walk, jog, and canter, and have no bucks and a willing attitude. It's also nice to put 30 days on a "Beau baby," and be at the same point it takes another horse to get to in 90 - 120 days - this is what you should expect in a Beau baby. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they are all around athletes with intelligence and willingness. Intelligence and looks don't go very far if you don't have willingness.

Enjoying a stroll with a friend

And if you have a bad back, we breed for a conformationally correct individual that will be very smooth to ride. They are flat kneed, deep hocked, and ride with softness. Top this off with a horse bred to jog and lope - in addition to trotting and cantering. How many horses have you ridden that could truly jog and lope as slow as you can walk?

Come out to the farm and we will show you the difference - guaranteed!

Beau's favorite little girl Lydia - he just loves her!

** Halter ** Dun Factor
** Trail ** Reining
**Western Pleasure **English Pleasure
**Hunter Hack

Midwest Horse Fair with his friend Lydia who demonstrates how quiet he is



Buying a weanling is an investment for the future. You can not go wrong when you buy a foal by One Impressive Beau. When they grow up and are broke to ride, you will at least double, if not triple, your investment. Most people that buy a baby sired by Beau, never want to give them up - they quickly become part of the family.

There is one thing that you should know - most Beau babies are slow developers and don't fully develop until between 4 - 6 years of age. Many people have informed us they sold their Beau babies as a 4 year old, fearing that they would end up with too small of a horse, only to find out a few years later that the horse ended up getting big, and being disappointed in the choice they made. By then the horse was unable to be purchased back - the current owners knew what they had!

"With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26