Page Me From Rio (Rio)

2004 AQHA, IBHA, ABRA Grullo Mare
EE aa Dd No CR

We are excited to add this beautiful Grullo mare to our broodmare ban. She is an elegant mare with a long thin neck and is big bodied & pretty headed with big gorgeous eyes. She was owned by a friend of mine since she was a weanling, and was shown by my friend to earn the following: An ABRA ROM in Western Pleasure, ABRA Halter & Western Pleasure points, IBHA Halter & Pleasure points, and AQHA Western Pleasure points. In addition she is homozygous for black. Looking forward to crossing her on one of our nice stallions.

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Ashleys Smokn Kate (Ashley)

2011 Grullo Mare
EE aa DD no cream
Double Homozygous

This big gorgeous mare is not only pretty and tall, but she also is stocky and is just dripping with dun factor. Check out her neck and shoulders - it looks like she had a bucket of paint spilled on her. In addition she is very quiet and has such a sweet disposition. She looks for people to come into the pasture so she can get attention.

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Almosta Smokn Abby (Abby)

2014 Grullo Mare
EE aa DD nCR
Homozygous for Black & Dun

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Taken as a yearling:

Skip N Go Buck (Dixie)

2014 Grullo Mare
Homozygous for Dun
Ee aa DD No Cream

We will be getting some updated pictures of this stunning girl. She is a light colored Grullo who is homozygous dun so guaranteed dun factor on your foal.

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Mark Me Brindle (Brindy)

2016 AQHA Brindle Grullo Filly
EE aa Dd
Will be Homozygous for black

In 2019 this mare will enter our broodmare ban. This filly is the only registered brindle in the IBHA in the world. There are other brindles out there, but in order to be eligible for IBHA registry they must have brindle on both sides - not just one. She was shown at the IBHA World in 2016 and placed fourth. She is homozygous black and we can't wait for her to be old enough to enter our broodmare band. She goes back to Dry Doc, Poco Bueno, Isle Breeze and Sir Quincy Dan.

Shes Famously Marked (Princess)

2018 Grullo Mare
EE aa DD nCr
Homozygous for Black & Dun

We are super excited to add this gorgeous mare to our breeding program. She is from the oldest foal crop of our stallion, "Mark Me Famous," and it was easy not to fall in love with her after she was born with all her fancy dun factor like her daddy & sweet disposition. We are looking forward to raising some babies from her.

Dunit and Marked (Barbie Doll)

2019 Grullo Mare
EE aa DD no cream
Homozygous Dun

This mare is from our stallion "Mark Me Famous" and we are super excited to have her enter our broodmare band. This mare is extremely quiet & easy to work with. She has tremendous dun factor & is homozygous for black & dun. She is pretty headed & big bodied and is a big mare already for a young mare. Can't wait to see her babies.

Dusted Platinum (Chloe)

2019 Grullo Mare
EE aa DD No cream
Homozygous Black & Dun

We purchased this filly as a weanling and were really excited to add a mare going back to the Jaz Ranch. She has lots of foundation bloodlines and is homozygous for black and dun. With her thickness she will cross nice with our stallions. Looking forward to seeing her foals.

Marked Like My Daddy (Sophia)

2020 Grullo Mare
EE aa DD - Homozygous black & dun

Sophia is entering our broodmare band in 2023. She is sired by our stallion, Mark Me Famous & out of our grullo mare Dixie. We love the looks of this cross with the thick build and big hip. She also has the temperament of her sire and dam with her quiet demeanor. This mare's pedigree will produce a nice working horse.

Well Ill Be Dazzled (Dazzle)

2020 Grullo Splash Mare
EE aa Dd nSW1
Homozygous for Black

Dazzle is our first mare that carries the rare SW1 Splash gene which can cause blue eyes & lots of white on the face and legs. We are looking forward to getting babies from this beautiful mare. Her sire has produced many winners in the show pen. This mare is a big girl and is quite thick and stunning to look at. She loves attention & is easy on the eyes.