Platinum By Design (Lexi)

2014 Classic Champagne + Dun (Champagne Grullo) Mare
Homozygous Dun
Ee aa DD nCh

Platinum By Design will enter the breeding shed this year. She has really grown since these pictures were taken of her as a 2 year old. She is a gorgeous mare with a super sweet disposition and is heavily Dun Factored which is quite rare on a Champagne horse. She has a pretty little head and a big hip and a good size to her body. She was shown in 2016 as a 2 year old and earned the following:

2016 IBHA World Show – 3rd Place in Dun Factor
2016 IBHA World Show – 4th Place in Halter
2016 ABRA Honor Roll Award Dun Factor– Top Five (highest year end points in the nation)

2016 Southern Wisconsin Buckskin Association 2016 Year End Reserve Champion Dun Factor Horse

  • IBHA Dun Factor points – 9.5 with limited showing
  • IBHA Haler Points – 1 with limited showing
  • ABRA Dun Factor points - 20

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Cougarand Pep (Queen)

2008 Gold Champagne Mare
ee aa nCh

Queen has a pedigree to die for with Peppy San Badger right on her papers. She is quite stocky with a gorgeous head & big hip. Her disposition is very quiet and she is easy to work with.

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LP One Rare Jewel (Goldie)

2017 Gold Champagne Pearl Dun
ee Aa Dd N/Prl nCh

We raised "Goldie" from a foal and 2021 will be her first foal. She has nice foundation bloodlines with a quiet disposition and some very rare genetics. She is the only mare we own who carries the "Pearl" gene. She has lots of body with a big hip & thick build. We are looking forward to seeing what she can produce.

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Holywood Glo Vanzi (Sparkle)

2017 AQHA Classic Champagne + Dun (Champagne Grullo) Mare
EeaaDd nCh nCr

"Sparkle" we raised from a foal and she is sired by our AQHA Grullo Stallion, Hollywood Glo Cody. We are excited to add her to our broodmare lineup as she is the only get we own sired by Cody. This mare has a lot of body with a big hip & pretty head. She is oozing in dun factor with lots of zebra stripes and check out how wide her dorsal stripe goes. Her quiet disposition is no exception to Cody’s foals. Looking forward to future foals by this mare.

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